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What is the meaning of nark in Hindi?

Meaning of nark in Hindi is : पुलिस को गुप्त बातें बताने वाला

Definition of word nark

  • A police spy or informer. (noun)
  • To annoy or irritate. (verb)
  • To stop. (verb)
  • To serve or behave as a spy or informer. (verb)
  • To complain. (verb)
  • A narcotics law enforcement officer. (noun)

Examples of word nark

  • I looked out of the spy window in the back of the cab and saw my "nark" standing staring in the middle of the road.
  • Had Johnson been a "nark" of the police he would soon have been exposed, but as he dealt with cases which never came directly into the courts, his activities were never realized by his companions.
  • He had risen very rapidly, but from very dirty beginnings; being first a "nark" or informer, and then a money-lender: but as solicitor to the Eyres he had the sense, as I say, to keep technically straight until he was ready to deal the final blow.
  • A 'nark' is an informer, a spy among criminals who sells the police whatever information he can scrape up.
  • "The fear of being labelled a 'nark' … can stop prisoners from speaking up with that information."


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