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What is the meaning of nasty in Hindi?

Meaning of nasty in Hindi is : हलकट

Definition of word nasty

  • Something nasty. (noun)
  • Sexual intercourse. (noun)

Examples of word nasty

    • "I'm feeling very, very, _very_ well, my Lord Dook, Mr. V.V. On'y I decided I'd spend to-day lazyin 'at my writin'-desk, readin' over my billy-doox from peers of the rellum, 'stead of working my hands and legs off in that nasty, _nasty_, NASTY --"
    • For instance: at a rustic dance in that state a Kentuckian said to an acquaintance of mine, in reply to his asking the name of a very fine girl, "That's my sister, stranger; and I flatter myself that she shows the _nastiest_ ankle in all Kentuck" -- _Unde derivatur_, from the constant rifle-practice in that state, a good shot or a pretty shot is termed also a nasty shot, because it would make a _nasty_ wound:
    • He connected them with what he called the nasty newfangled method of leaving a cloth on the table, as though to warn people that they were not to sit long.
    • And after her there was Billy Pearce, with one of his regular sore throats and his rather bad - tempered mum, and Mrs. Platt from the shop with what she called a nasty sharp pain inside.
    • Very well, then, but I have what you call a nasty one for you.


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