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What is the meaning of natural in Hindi?

Meaning of natural in Hindi is : हरामी

Definition of word natural

  • That exists and evolved within the confines of an ecosystem. (adjective)
  • Of or relating to nature. (adjective)
  • Without artificial additives. (adjective)
  • As expected. (adjective)
  • Neither sharp nor flat. Denoted â™®. (adjective)
  • Without, or prior to, modification or adjustment. (adjective)
  • without a condom (adjective)
  • One with a simple mind; a fool or idiot. (noun)

Examples of word natural

  • Not because so many Americans are ignorant bible-thumping bigots, but because they have a healthy and natural aversion to homosexuality - an aversion *placed there by nature* because it isn't *natural* for people of the same gender to have sexual relations.
  • It might be thought that there is nothing that can be done to begin a discussion of natural law theory in ethics other than to stipulate a meaning for Ëœnatural law theoryâ„¢ and to proceed from there.
  • Most often, Ëœnon-naturalismâ„¢ denotes the metaphysical thesis that moral properties exist and are not identical with or reducible to any natural property or properties in some interesting sense of Ëœnaturalâ„¢.
  • Since the natural end of each person is to achieve moral and spiritual perfection, it is necessary to have the means to do so, i.e., to have rights which, since they serve to realise his or her nature, are called Ëœnaturalâ„¢.
  • Our Ëœnatural benevolent affectionsâ„¢ guide us to do good toward some small sector of humankind (a small sector composed of our friends, promisees, colleagues, family, etc.), and stifling such natural tendencies would leave only “a very feeble counterpoise to self-love” and thus little from which to develop a more extended and generalized benevolence (434).


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