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What is the meaning of nature in Hindi?

Meaning of nature in Hindi is : फ़ितरत

Definition of word nature

  • The natural world; consisting of all things unaffected by or predating human technology, production and design. e.g. the natural environment, virgin ground, unmodified species, laws of nature. (noun)
  • The innate characteristics of a thing. What something will tend by its own constitution, to be or do. Distinct from what might be expected or intended. (noun)
  • The summary of everything that has to do with biological, chemical and physical states and events in the physical universe. (noun)
  • To endow with natural qualities. (verb)

Examples of word nature

  • In order to fend off any reminiscences of pagan polytheism, Philoponus points out that unlike the individually differentiated gods of the pagans the three divinities of the Trinity are all of the same, single divine nature in the universal sense of Ëœnatureâ„¢.
  • And since, even when idealized, nature still remains Ëœnatureâ„¢, it follows according to Jacobi that in practice Fichte's idealism is but a form of materialism.
  • {193} "Corresponding to our progressive perception of nature and our immovable conviction of the truth of the evolution theory, our religion can be only a _religion of nature_."
  • Nothing can please persons of taste but nature drawn with all her graces and ornament -- _la belle nature_; or, if we copy low life, the strokes must be strong and remarkable, and must convey a lively image to the mind.
  • Mineralogy _-alogy_, not _-ology_ nature _nature_, or _choor_ oleomargarine _g_ is hard, as in _get_ orchid _orkid_ oust _owst_, not _oost_ peculiar _peculyar_ pecuniary _pekun'yari_ perspiration not _prespiratian_ prestige _pres'tij_ or _prestezh'_ pronunciation _pronunzeashun_ or _pronunsheashun_ saucy not _sassy_ schedule _skedyul_ semi not _semi_ theater _the'ater_ not _thea'ter_ turgid _turjid_ usage _uzage_ usurp _uzurp_ vermilion _vermilyun_ wife's not _wives_


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