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What is the meaning of naught in Hindi?

Meaning of naught in Hindi is : शूऩ्य़

Definition of word naught

  • (now rare or archaic in US, Canada) Zero. (noun)
  • (now rare or archaic in US, Canada) Nothing; nothingness. (noun)
  • nothing (pronoun)

Examples of word naught

  • It was the mysterious, evil forest, a charnel house of silence, wherein naught moved save strange tiny birds -- the strangeness of them making the mystery more profound, for they flitted on noiseless wings, emitting neither song nor chirp, and they were mottled with morbid colours, having all the seeming of orchids, flying blossoms of sickness and decay.
  • When this was ended and done, for naught is durable save the Living, the Eternal,
  • Then he opened the door of his treasure closet, but found therein naught of his money nor his hoards; whereupon he recovered from the intoxication of fancy and shook off his infatuation and knew that it was his wife herself who had turned the tables upon him and outwitted him with her wiles.
  • Avaunt, O Whiteness,463 wherein naught of brightness gladdens sight
  • Deity who hath power over all and from whom naught is hidden, the


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