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What is the meaning of neat in Hindi?

Meaning of neat in Hindi is : स्वादिष्ट

Definition of word neat

  • Clean, tidy; free from dirt or impurities. (adjective)
  • Free from contaminants; unadulterated, undiluted. Particularly of liquor and cocktails; see usage below. (adjective)
  • Conditions with a liquid reagent or gas performed with no standard solvent or cosolvent (adjective)
  • With all deductions or allowances made; net. (adjective)
  • Having a simple elegance or style; clean, trim, tidy, tasteful. (adjective)
  • Well-executed or delivered; clever, skilful, precise. (adjective)
  • Good, excellent, desirable. (adjective)
  • A bull or cow. (noun)
  • Cattle collectively. (noun)

Examples of word neat

  • I. ii.123 (266,6) [We must be neat] Leontes, seeing his son's nose smutched, cries, _We must be neat_, then recollecting that _neat_ is the term for _horned_ cattle, he says, _not neat, but cleanly_.
  • He did it as a riff off the term "hi fi", which was what you called your neat-o, keen-o stereo system in the 1950s?
  • Damn, was I imagining things, or did Gilberto really use the word neat?
  • I had to pay five dollars for hittin 'the chap (they said it was salt and buttery), an' that's what I call a neat, genteel luxury.
  • What's kind of neat is that Torquere Press always has one of their established authors review the book, so I have my first review already, technically.


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