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What is the meaning of needled in Hindi?

Meaning of needled in Hindi is :

Definition of word needled

  • Covered or armored with needles. (adjective)
  • Simple past tense and past participle of needle. (verb)

Examples of word needled

    • THE silent black disk that makes noises when needled is chiefly shellac, lampblack and limestone.
    • FLATOW: And is there one tree that loses needles, you know, that is a better kind of needled tree to have so it doesn't, you know, lose needles so quickly?
    • A needle must feel deeply needled, ill - suited to its skin, to leave its arrow - straight ways, to stray into a haystack, to mean to lose or find itself in that soft tangle, to fill its one good eye with the gold filament of pasture, to imagine itself pillow to the weary, supper to bell - necklaced goats.
    • Hedo Turkoglu needled Lewis throughout the game, at one point, ignoring a referee during a break in action in the fourth quarter to throw a pass to a seated Lewis instead.
    • He needled the GOP by mocking the Grover Norquist blood oath against raising taxes and assertively articulated the role of government.
    • Light needled into them and he snapped them shut again.
    • This one!" says the oldest, pointing to something rather sparsely needled, about twice my height."
    • A few years back, when Henry Paulson was still U.S. Treasury secretary, Wang Qishan, China's vice premier, needled him.
    • The unaccountable failure needled O as he landed in Chicago and noticed again he had not been able to give comfort and encouragement, as he had planned to, to a friend from his past for whom he still felt affection.