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What is the meaning of needless in Hindi?

Meaning of needless in Hindi is : वृथा

Definition of word needless

  • Not needed; unnecessary. (adjective)

Examples of word needless

  • Accordingly he repaired to the Hotel de Ville, and gave to the Municipal Council so distinct an account of his measures, and of his reason for taking them, that, though Danton and some of his more factious colleagues reproached him for exhibiting what they called a needless distrust of the people, the majority of the Council approved of his conduct, and dismissed him to return to his duties.
  • Mr Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister, became the first senior Government minister to appear on television to talk about the riots - which he described as "needless, opportunist theft and violence" - since they erupted on Saturday night.
  • "It's more likely for a person to be struck by lightning than impersonate a voter," said Sen. Leticia Van de Putte, D-San Antonio, who heads the Senate's Democratic caucus, in denouncing what she called a needless and politically motivated bill that would echo Texas's
  • Yuko told NBC4 he wants to ease what he described as needless pain and suffering associated with a variety of diseases and illnesses.
  • Michael Kelley, a non-smoker who survived cancer his doctor blamed on second-hand smoke in the workplace, asked lawmakers to put an end to what he called needless suffering.
  • (Doubtless, these flimsy conspiracy theorists will infest the comment threads in needless defense.)
  • For them, it was easy to send other people's children to fight and die in needless wars (Iraq).
  • Then there were the 1.3 Trillion in needless tax cuts for the rich, further skewing the already miserably obscene income inequitable distribution.
  • Unfortunately for all Americans, compromised healthcare ALWAYS results in needless suffering, injury, disability, and or death.