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What is the meaning of neeld in Hindi?

Meaning of neeld in Hindi is :

Definition of word neeld

Examples of word neeld

  • If you arm your hook with wyre, the neeld must be made with a small hook at the one end thereof.
  • If you arme with silke, the neeld must be made with an eye: then must you take one of those Baits alive (which you can get) and with one of your neelds enter within a strawes breath of the Gill of the Fish, so put the neeld betwixt the skin and the
  • Hooks with Millors-thumbs, Loaches, Menowes, or Gudgins: tye to every noose a Line baited: these Lines must be laid crosse the River in the deepest places, either with stones, or pegged, so the Line lie in the bottome of the river, there is no doubt of taking a dish of Eeles; you must have a small neeld with an eye, to bait your hooks.
  • Deep clerks she dumbs; and with her neeld composes
  • I could have told her well that _how_, for whenso she threadeth a neeld she maketh no bones of the eye, but thrusteth forward the thread any whither it shall go, on the chance that it shall hit, which by times it doth: I should not marvel an 'she essayed to thread the point.
  • Elizabeth her neeld, now with red silk and now with black, as she lacked, and under all having care that I rubbed not my left eye, the which I felt strong desire to frote [rub].
  • But to stick a neeld in, and make the gimp run that way, and fresh bind the bottom, -- good lack! they should count you a very heathen an 'you asked them.
  • But even Jack could fetch no fun out of _amo, amas, amat_; and I grew sore weary of pulling my neeld [needle] in and out, and being banged o'er the head with the fiddlestick when I played the wrong string.
  • "Look you," said I, "I can bring my work to that end of the chamber; then shall I be at hand to thread your neeld as it shall be voided."
  • Fish; then pull the neeld out at the hindmost finne, and draw the arming thorow the Fish, until the hook come to lye close to the Fishes bodie: But I hold for those that be armed with wyre to take off the hook, and put the neeld in the hindmost fin and so to come forth at the Gill; then put on the hook drawn close to the body, 'twill hurt the live Fish the less, so knit the arming with the live Fish to the