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What is the meaning of neglectful in Hindi?

Meaning of neglectful in Hindi is : लापरवाह

Definition of word neglectful

  • Tending to neglect; failing to take care of matters which require attention. (adjective)

Examples of word neglectful

  • Thus full of contradictions, unbending yet haughty, gentle yet fierce, tender and again neglectful, he by some strange art found easy entrance to the admiration and affection of women; now caressing and now tyrannizing over them according to his mood, but in every change a despot.
  • He's not neglectful, which is more than I can say for some docs.
  • Most of the children I've had in my home come from young, low-income, single mothers who did the best they could but were deemed "neglectful" for being unable to provide for their children.
  • The other side of the pressure and stress is caused by the very large number of people who assume that only a SAHM can be a good mother, and a career oriented woman must be some kind of neglectful mother who is having her kids raised by strangers.
  • She and her fellow "playground mums" feel marginalized by their husbands and disrespected by working mothers, but she cannot convey her disappointments in a way that compares with the bone-deep guilt of the "neglectful" working mother.


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