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What is the meaning of neglectfully in Hindi?

Meaning of neglectfully in Hindi is : उपेक्षा करते हुए

Definition of word neglectfully

  • In a neglectful manner. (adverb)

Examples of word neglectfully

  • Into the 1960 presidential election, Kissinger was among the adamant critics proclaiming that Eisenhower had neglectfully allowed a “missile gap” to develop with Moscow.
  • The questions at issue in the administrative hearing are whether an adult teacher in the course of his classroom behavior (a) willfully or neglectfully injured a child, (b) was insubordinate toward the administration, (c) violated the guidelnes for his behavior in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and/or (d) violated the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment in his display of religious items and posters, including multiple instances of the Ten Commandments, in his classroom.
  • Second, how does a poll that may actually reflect (given a reasonable MoE; Rasmussen neglectfully didn't report it) the same exact sentiments as six months ago make front page news.
  • It matters little if parents are heavily or neglectfully involved in their kids' lives.
  • Churches neglectfully leave their children to be babysat at Sunday school, instead of allowing them to learn about God alongside the adults, then taking them into the bathroom and beating them for acting up during the prayer.


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