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What is the meaning of neglectfulness in Hindi?

Meaning of neglectfulness in Hindi is : ध्यान या मनोयो

Definition of word neglectfulness

  • The characteristic of being neglectful. (noun)

Examples of word neglectfulness

  • There's a lot of neglectfulness and inattentiveness required to keep the plot moving in this thing.
  • Here the neglectfulness and dreariness of the outer aspect of the grave are completely done away with, and the dead lie peacefully under ground carpeted with flowers, and shaded by trees.
  • But the boy Mohammed being by me objurgated-for I remarked in him a jaunty demeanour combined with neglectfulness of ceremonies-saluted it sulkily, muttering the while hints about the holiness of his birthplace exempting him from the trouble of stooping.
  • [Cigarette-smoking the probable cause] She hasn't said she couldn't cure me, but that it will take a year's solid and continuous treatment, without any neglectfulness whatsoever.
  • And now the whip was lost through my neglectfulness.


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