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What is the meaning of negligent in Hindi?

Meaning of negligent in Hindi is : बेपरवाह

Definition of word negligent

  • Careless, without appropriate or sufficient attention. (adjective)
  • Culpable due to negligence. (adjective)

Examples of word negligent

  • An outrage, they say, because they believe that ever since Beslan, the Russian government has done everything it could to try and cover up its -- what they call negligent handling of the crisis.
  • John McCain on Rove: It depends on what the definition of "negligent" is by on
  • Whether BP (and/or its contractors) were criminally negligent is the subject of a Justice Department investigation.
  • She used the word negligent – I used it only is nresponse to her post – and she has had it pointed out before that there is no evidence of volcanic involvement, but a GREAT deal of observation and evidence of increasing temperatures, surface melt and fissuring as the method of collapse, for both Larsen A and B, and for smaller collapses and sloughing being observed.
  • No idea if this was force-wide policy or an overly cautious/paranoid Inspector though, but surely that’s just plain negligent?


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