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What is the meaning of negligible in Hindi?

Meaning of negligible in Hindi is : बहुत कम

Definition of word negligible

  • Able to be ignored or excluded from consideration; too small or unimportant to be of concern. (adjective)

Examples of word negligible

  • Officials tell us that the amount of anthrax found in the mail was what they call negligible, that it actualy required two tests to even find it, so they don't think it's a large amount.
  • We are in negligible credit card debt compared to others with four or five times the income.
  • Besides, Ireland is really not so negligible from the commercial-theatrical point of view as some of our more despondent patriots seem to suppose.
  • For less invasive procedures such as normal dentistry the risk is described as "negligible."
  • Cooper's reward for the killing was described as "negligible" in court.


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