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What is the meaning of neighbourhood in Hindi?

Meaning of neighbourhood in Hindi is : सामीप्य

Definition of word neighbourhood

  • Close proximity, particularly in reference to home (noun)
  • and, by extension, its inhabitants (noun)
  • a division of a municipality or region, formally or informally divided (noun)
  • The quality or condition of being a neighbour; the state of being or dwelling near; proximity. (noun)
  • The infinitesimal open set of all points that may be reached directly from a given point; The set of all the vertices adjacent to a given vertex (noun)
  • The disposition becoming a neighbour; neighbourly kindness or good will. (noun)

Examples of word neighbourhood

  • In a properly organised rural neighbourhood could be developed that higher kind of attraction which is suggested by the very word _neighbourhood_.
  • I should also say that I often use the term neighbourhood because it captures the sense of proximity, friendship and mutual assistance which characterises
  • Bill, the term neighbourhood is used, but no definition is given.
  • Normally I would welcome anyone who asked to join our table with open arms, and then, after the perfunctory small talk (I live in a very friendly neighbourhood), go about the business of eating with my girl because my neighbourhood is actually friendlier than I am.
  • And, Yes, challenging our own perceptions and taking into account the rights of * everyone* in a neighbourhood is also valid.


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