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What is the meaning of nettle in Hindi?

Meaning of nettle in Hindi is : सताना

Definition of word nettle

  • A herb of the genus Urtica, which is covered with stinging, mildly poisonous hairs, causing an instant rash. (noun)
  • The non-stinging plant deadnettle, also in the nettle family, Urticaceae. (noun)
  • Loosely, anything which causes a similarly stinging rash, such as a jellyfish or sea-nettle. (noun)
  • Of the nettle plant and similar physical causes, to sting causing a rash in someone. (verb)
  • To pique, irritate, vex or provoke someone. (verb)

Examples of word nettle

  • He will make over to the ignominy of ignorant and barbaric ages, -- 'for we call a nettle but a nettle,' he will turn into a forgotten pageant of the rude, early, instinctive ages, the yet brutal ages of an undeveloped humanity, that triumphant reception at home, of the Conqueror of Foreign States.
  • Naturalist we are told, that these names are omitted, 'for we call a nettle but a nettle, and the faults of fools their folly,' -- that exclusive good he finds both passive and active, and this also is one of those primary distinctions which 'is formed in all things,' and so too is the _subdivision_ of passive good which follows.
  • a monkey, poison to a nettle, and folly to a fool, they called a nettle
  • We need to be very transparent, and very clear that this cannot continue, but at the same time grasp a very difficult political nettle, which is to address the problem of pay at the senior levels of the Civil Service.
  • I've also been looking to include more raw garlic in my diet as I've been fighting off a few infections so I hit on the idea of nettle pesto.


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