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What is the meaning of neuropsychiatric in Hindi?

Meaning of neuropsychiatric in Hindi is :

Definition of word neuropsychiatric

  • Of or pertaining to neuropsychiatry; simultaneously neurological and psychiatric. (adjective)

Examples of word neuropsychiatric

  • Joseph Cotten plays a soldier on furlough from a military hospital where he has been treated for wounds suffered in the South Pacific, and for what were then called neuropsychiatric issues.
  • However, he said the company would continue studies looking at whether Tamiflu might cause what are known as neuropsychiatric behaviors.
  • This approach is broadly applicable to more heterogeneous traits such as neuropsychiatric disorders, with 50% of previously identified genes within candidate intervals ranking either highest or second highest correlated gene using an autism-related expression module.
  • In a recent article in the same journal that published Khachaturian's editorial, Constantine Lyketsos and others argue that "neuropsychiatric symptoms NPS are core features of Alzheimer's disease and related dementias."
  • In 2009, after 15-year-old Cody Miller of Queensbury, NY was given Singulair for hay fever and took his own life 17 days later, Singulair was given a stronger warning for "neuropsychiatric" side effects.
  • In 2009 the drug was given the agency's toughest boxed warning discussing "serious neuropsychiatric events" including suicidal behavior.
  • About one in five children will have neuropsychiatric side effects, possibly including anxiety and suicidal behavior.
  • Bottiglieri T. "Folate, vitamin B12 and neuropsychiatric disorders."