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What is the meaning of newness in Hindi?

Meaning of newness in Hindi is : नवीनता

Definition of word newness

  • The property of being new; novelty (noun)

Examples of word newness

  • The only newness is that we have a president that is ready and willing to do something about it
  • I mean, we're all clumsy when we're new at something, but let's focus on some hotshots so readers don't get the idea that gender, not newness, is the issue.
  • A lot of people quit blogging on WordPress. com, or any blogging service, once the shine has rubbed off and the thrill of newness is gone.
  • Father -- that is, by such a forth-putting of the Father's power as was the effulgence of His whole glory. even so we also -- as risen to a new life with Him. should walk in newness of life -- But what is that "newness?"
  • Christians serve Christ in newness of spirit, no longer in oldness of the letter (that is, the old external law as such), Ro 7: 4-6.


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