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What is the meaning of nil in Hindi?

Meaning of nil in Hindi is : सिफ़र

Definition of word nil

  • Nothing; zero. (noun)
  • No, not any. (determiner)

Examples of word nil

    • I warmed to the cover for a start, cocoa-eau-de-nil is my current favourite colour combination but I opened it and everything I've known all my life was immediately set out before me.
    • The church of Ménil is a ruin, but the parsonage still stands – a plain little house at the end of the street; and here the curé received us, and led us into a room which he has turned into a chapel.
    • Thus our word nil literally means "not even a wee little bit."
    • I don’t agree with the Anti-Abortion stance, but if you’re going to use it, use it with vigor and represent it in strong clear language, and, as a Dem, it has to get to the heart of what most pro-choice Dems feel – lowering the rate of abortions to practically nil is a great start.
    • His interaction with the actors is almost nil, which is fine with Freeman.


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