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What is the meaning of nimble in Hindi?

Meaning of nimble in Hindi is : सक्रिय

Definition of word nimble

  • Quick and light in movement or action. (adjective)
  • Quick-witted and alert. (adjective)

Examples of word nimble

    • We must remain nimble, flexible and prepared to compete as a region.
    • The suspension is pillow-soft, and a front-wheel-drive car approaching 2 tons can't be called nimble, but the chassis felt tight and Fusion was sure-footed.
    • Hermod, called the nimble, an older brother of Baldur, said he would go.
    • Why do we not always build our towns, when we can, on heights, in what Shakespeare calls nimble and sweet air?
    • It will be observed that the bear, after having pursued me for a few yards, turned and went on his way, but had I not been nimble -- in other words, had I been completely invested by the bear and thrown down -- he might, as the natives would phrase it, have made my wife a widow.


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