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What is the meaning of nod in Hindi?

Meaning of nod in Hindi is : हुक्म

Definition of word nod

  • To incline the head up and down, as to indicate agreement. (verb)
  • to sway, move up and down (verb)
  • To gradually fall asleep. (verb)
  • To make a mistake by being temporarily inattentive or tired (verb)
  • To head; to strike the ball with one's head. (verb)
  • To allude to something. (verb)
  • To fall asleep while under the influence of opiates. (verb)
  • An instance of moving one's head as described above. (noun)
  • A reference or allusion to something. (noun)

Examples of word nod

  • And as we all know (or at least so the magazines keep telling us), a man will only love us (subtext: will want to give us a good tumble on his high heat cycle * wink wink nod nod*) if we are svelte.
  • You know, sometimes it's not ALL about love .. it's about the other L-word .. * nod nod*
  • The latest Double Feature amateur sleuth is an amusing homage to great comedic movies such as the title nod to A Night at the era.
  • One key reason Romney didn't get the nod is his job slashing businessman past.
  • For the exporters, a nod is as good as a wink, and you can bet that the EU will be monitoring residues in Ugandan exports with an enthusiasm that their officials normally only reserve for their monthly pay cheques.


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