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What is the meaning of non slave in Hindi?

Meaning of non slave in Hindi is :

Definition of word non slave

  • One who is not a slave. (noun)

Examples of word non slave

  • RUCerious Brought to you by MalWart your source for cheap plastic crap says: jwest, we need your certificate of nonslave holding.
  • The nonslave states could therefore do nothing about the institution of slavery in the states where it already existed.
  • Moreover, since we also think the outcome in which the child exists as a nonslave is actually better for the child than the outcome in which the child exists as a slave, this is not a case where the risk created for the child by the wrong act never eventuates.
  • The more wives the less work, says the African lady; and I have known men who would rather have had one wife and spent the rest of the money on themselves, in a civilised way, driven into polygamy by the women; and of course this state of affairs is most common in nonslave-holding tribes like the Fan.
  • I return my thanks to my friends, and especially to those who are from nonslave-owning States, who have magnanimously sustained me, and felt that it was a higher honor to themselves to be just in their judgment of a gentleman than to be a member of Congress for life.


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