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What is the meaning of nonmandatory in Hindi?

Meaning of nonmandatory in Hindi is :

Definition of word nonmandatory

  • Not mandatory. (adjective)

Examples of word nonmandatory

  • "My sense is that it's going to be a mix of mandatory things and some nonmandatory with a sound floor so as to avoid the race to the bottom in regulation," Mr. Draghi said.
  • Spearheading a campaign to place women on juries in New York, with the help of newly elected women in the New York state legislature she finally won nonmandatory service in 1937.
  • Nor is the law a permissible but nonmandatory accommodation of the many religions that think it improper to bring weapons into a house of worship.
  • This is an organization that certainly does useful things at the lower level of its sections and divisions, but it's one that also was recently led by Michael Gorman, wastes its time passing resolutions irrelevantly condemning the Darfur genocide, and misunderstands high school-level economics by trying to persuade people to agree to "nonmandatory minimum salary guidelines" for various positions.
  • But on this issue of mandatory versus nonmandatory (OFF-MIKE) going around trying to avoid buying health care coverage.


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