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What is the meaning of nonmoving in Hindi?

Meaning of nonmoving in Hindi is : रुका हुआ

Definition of word nonmoving

  • Not moving; stationary; inert. (adjective)

Examples of word nonmoving

  • All I know is that there were stones on Stacy's nonmoving face and they're going to remove negative energy and basically this treatment is over $250.
  • · Falling/jumping from nonmoving cart/tractor/vehicle
  • Panting, Eva was approaching the nonmoving exhaust fan.
  • Here the moss grew in wide mats covering the forest floor and over the trunks of the nonmoving trees.
  • The team had gotten five hours of nonmoving sleep, then continued on at four a.m., with Mati's sister Jennie in the van.


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