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What is the meaning of nonnormal in Hindi?

Meaning of nonnormal in Hindi is :

Definition of word nonnormal

  • Not normal. (adjective)

Examples of word nonnormal

  • "This credit-market cycle is nonnormal" and likely to cause months more pain for the broader economy, wrote David Kotok, chairman of the portfolio-management firm Cumberland Advisors, in a note to clients.
  • "If you're going through all the trouble of developing a prosthetic, what other nonnormal capabilities can be developed?" says Huffman.
  • Thus, any nonnormal component of this distribution is of less concern than it would be for "template"
  • As Mr. Markopolos observes: "The quants who create these financial products understand differential equations and nonnormal statistics; they program in languages the SEC doesn't speak; they run statistical packages the SEC doesn't even know exist.
  • Deviations noted at the right side of these plots are likely to represent both a) true case vs control differences and b) nonnormal differences in the distribution of t values from the bona fide data.


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