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What is the meaning of nonobligatory in Hindi?

Meaning of nonobligatory in Hindi is :

Definition of word nonobligatory

  • not obligatory; not required; optional (adjective)

Examples of word nonobligatory

  • We just obey because obeying someone like Jesus, who loves us, and only wants what is best for us, His children is like our nonobligatory gift to Him.
  • Traditionally, acts of beneficence are done from obligation, but they may also be performed from nonobligatory, optional moral ideals, which are standards that belong to a morality of meritorious aspiration in which individuals or institutions adopt goals that do not hold for everyone.
  • Use the other part of the pie to indicate how much of your circle is nonobligatory.
  • The two got the rest correct, including the nonobligatory "So help you God?"
  • I was the first to arrive for the nonobligatory lunch, and it was only reluctantly that he led me to the assigned table.


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