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What is the meaning of nonsense in Hindi?

Meaning of nonsense in Hindi is : व्यर्थ की बात

Definition of word nonsense

  • Letters or words, in writing or speech, that have no meaning or seem to have no meaning. (noun)
  • An untrue statement. (noun)
  • Something foolish. (noun)
  • A type of poetry that contains strange or surreal ideas, as, for example, that written by Edward Lear. (noun)
  • A damaged DNA sequence whose products are not biologically active, that is, that does nothing. (noun)
  • To make nonsense of (verb)
  • To attempt to dismiss as nonsense. (verb)
  • To joke around, to waste time (verb)

Examples of word nonsense

  • To believe in nonsense is an unforgeable demonstration of loyalty.
  • Why bother voting for a democrat when this nonsense is allowed?
  • I'm wondering of some of this nonsense is airline-specific? joeposts replied to comment from Bryan C
  • Devoting any tax dollars to this nonsense is a waste of time and money.
  • Putting a halt to this nonsense is akin to standing in front of an avalanche hoping to stop it dead in its tracks.


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