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What is the meaning of nonstandard in Hindi?

Meaning of nonstandard in Hindi is : मानकेतर

Definition of word nonstandard

  • Not standard. (adjective)
  • Not conforming to the language as used by the majority of its speakers. (adjective)
  • Something that is not standard. (noun)

Examples of word nonstandard

  • Yeah she has some extra metal in nonstandard parts of her anatomy but that is just fashion.
  • And when they hear the word nonstandard, a lot of people run in the other direction.
  • '' This is what I call a nonstandard, Thierer said.
  • The late Theodore Bernstein, alone a language scholar among the pop grammarians, denied that he called nonstandard usages "good" and
  • The branch of mathematics called nonstandard analysis is based on nonstandard models of mathematical statements about the real or complex number systems; see


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