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What is the meaning of nontechnical in Hindi?

Meaning of nontechnical in Hindi is : ग़ैरतकनीकी

Definition of word nontechnical

  • Not technical. (adjective)

Examples of word nontechnical

  • Can someone please rewrite these instructions in nontechnical English for folks who can’t code but love to share files?
  • Scrambling is a generally defined as a nontechnical method of climbing rock falls and other rocky areas.
  • The Lingua initiative, driven almost entirely by the enthusiasm, creativity, and the efforts of volunteer translators, demonstrates the capacity for a community of like-minded translators and writers to bridge language barriers to share stories and information, based on a simple, nontechnical platform.
  • By embedding mini-applications and other components, Wave makes interactive coursework a possibility for nontechnical students, moving larger numbers of students away from purely text-based assignments and into multimedia composition.
  • “There is an absolutely crystal-clear hierarchy at Google,” says Denise Griffin, who was hired at Google for a nontechnical job in 2000.
  • Do you recommend any nontechnical introductions to economics?
  • A recent nontechnical overview of the field — from a mainstream biologist's perspective — can be found here: B.