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What is the meaning of nothingness in Hindi?

Meaning of nothingness in Hindi is : शून्यता

Definition of word nothingness

  • State of nonexistence; the condition of being nothing. (noun)
  • Void; emptiness. (noun)
  • Quality of inconsequentiality; lacking in significance. (noun)

Examples of word nothingness

  • Nirvana is commonly described as 'nothingness' or a 'void.'
  • Raoul at 38: “the amount of know nothingness is staggering.”
  • Why would a person of reason suggest that nothingness is applicable in any shape, manner or form to m & e?
  • Until eventually a perfect unified, timeless nothingness is all that is left.
  • If God's consciousness can exist in nothingness, so can mine.


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