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What is the meaning of notice in Hindi?

Meaning of notice in Hindi is : सूचना विज्ञापन

Definition of word notice

  • The act of observing; perception. (noun)
  • A written or printed announcement. (noun)
  • A formal notification or warning. (noun)
  • Advance notification of termination of employment, given by an employer to an employee or vice versa. (noun)
  • A published critical review of a play or the like. (noun)
  • Prior notification. (noun)
  • To observe or take notice of. (verb)
  • To detect; to perceive with the mind. (verb)

Examples of word notice

  • At the end of thirty days from the sending of the second notice, _a third notice_ shall be sent notifying such members that unless dues are paid within ten days from receipt of this notice, their names will be dropped from the rolls for non-payment of dues.
  • The group predicted that the label notice might be the "death knell" for dyes across
  • Much of the notice is a recitation of the failures of previous approaches and the rest with proposed technical specifications for AllVid.
  • Of course, this notice is a laughable formality that follows procedure while entirely losing sight of the substance of the notice, as those who refuse to sign the notice are threatened, cajoled and attacked into submission by the guns of private war contractors.
  • I state, under penalty of perjury, that the information contained in this notice is accurate and that i am the copyright and intellectual property owner of the infringed work.


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