Meaning of noticeable in Hindi

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What is the meaning of noticeable in Hindi?

Meaning of noticeable in Hindi is : सुस्पष्ट

Definition of word noticeable

  • worthy of note; significant (adjective)
  • capable of being seen or noticed (adjective)

Examples of word noticeable

    • But the one thing that has been noticeable is Okung's attitude.
    • Immediately noticeable is Payne's instantly digestible writing style, but several aspects of the story, while intriguing, seem undercooked.
    • Breezes are still noticeable from the west at 10 to 20 mph.
    • What's immediately noticeable is the age of his students: they're in their early 20s, but they're studying basic math.
    • Mr. GIBSON: They fit back behind a little commercial strip in an alleyway, but hardly noticeable from the street itself.


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