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What is the meaning of notion in Hindi?

Meaning of notion in Hindi is : विचार

Definition of word notion

Examples of word notion

  • "Notion" is about right - I'm reminded of Churchill's remarks when WWII officials wanted to set up 'Communal Feeding Centres'.
  • Notion is a blue biogel once known as Tetroglichen on the market a decade ago.
  • Notium, also known as Notion, was a town located on a flat-topped cliff high above the Aegean Sea ~13.5 km northwest of Ephesus.
  • HP, Lenovo, and an Indian startup called Notion Ink are also expected to introduce tablet PCs at CES. has already grabbed some pre-show attention with the introduction of the Skylight.
  • Indian startup called Notion Ink hopes ... market with a thin, touchscreen device based on Google Inc's Android operating system, following the footsteps of PC