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What is the meaning of nourish in Hindi?

Meaning of nourish in Hindi is : सिखा देना

Definition of word nourish

  • A nurse. (noun)
  • To feed and cause to grow; to supply with matter which increases bulk or supplies waste, and promotes health; to furnish with nutriment. (verb)
  • To support; to maintain. (verb)
  • To supply the means of support and increase to; to encourage; to foster; as, to nourish rebellion; to nourish the virtues. (verb)
  • To cherish; to comfort. (verb)
  • To educate; to instruct; to bring up; to nurture; to promote the growth of in attainments. (verb)
  • To promote growth; to furnish nutriment. (verb)
  • To gain nourishment. (verb)

Examples of word nourish

  • "nourish" - delivered an evening of high-energy dances interspersed with inspirational quotations.
  • But this mostly does not matter unless we 'nourish' their growth.
  • Finally, I kind of nourish the probably vain hope that Madonna is smart enough to never get into another serious relationship.
  • Yet, Europe's most famous secular liberal philosopher, Jurgen Habermas, now argues that since postmodern society is unable to generate its own values, it can only "nourish" itself from religious sources.
  • He hopes that the book may for many readers touch with new meaning those old weatherworn stones at Botany Bay, and make the personality of Laperouse live again for such as nourish an interest in


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