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What is the meaning of novelist in Hindi?

Meaning of novelist in Hindi is : किस्सा लिखने वाला

Definition of word novelist

  • An author of novels. (noun)
  • An innovator; one who introduces something new; one who favours novelty. (noun)

Examples of word novelist

    • On the other hand, the novelist is able to use interior monologue to get at the characters 'inner voices and states of mind in a way that is not usually possible in screenplays.
    • But frequently "platform" refers to the non-fiction content of a novel, the story's background, something that can be talked about almost as if the novelist is a journalist.
    • Almost the whole capital of the novelist is the slow accumulation of unconscious observation -- absorption.
    • The indefinite article before "novelist" is revealing.
    • A novelist is limited only by his or her imagination.


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