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What is the meaning of now in Hindi?

Meaning of now in Hindi is : हाल में

Definition of word now

Examples of word now

  • "Now that I've had a very refreshing cup of tea," the American remarked, "I feel rather like the mouse who said '_Now_ bring out your cat' when he had consumed half a teaspoonful of beer!
  • Someone who has a very specific problem: beer back pain – Now, is it the beer causing the back pain, or is the back pain caused when you fall down the steps after drinking beer?
  • Now the Greek word for chest is _kupsele_, and therefore this boy was called Cypselus.
  • Now the Spanish word 'barrio' is equivalent to the
  • Now, the Lithuanian word (a loan-word, of course) for "avenue" or "road" in that sense is


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