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What is the meaning of nowadays in Hindi?

Meaning of nowadays in Hindi is : फ़िलहाल

Definition of word nowadays

Examples of word nowadays

  • Even to evoke the term nowadays sounds, to many, a little dated, like referring to your wife as your "lady" or to a band as a "group."
  • JAVIER ROMERO, RADIO SHOW HOST: If you want to go global, as they use the term nowadays, you better know English.
  • "Yes, but not exactly as we commonly regard the term nowadays," smiled
  • The term nowadays is accepted among some groups of young Italian-Americans as merely being a style of living and dress.
  • But a growing number of operators is playing with different interpretations of a thesis that's been around as long as the internet - that the label nowadays is an anachronism, and that bands can finance and release music for themselves … Case in point: ...


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