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What is the meaning of nugatory in Hindi?

Meaning of nugatory in Hindi is : निरर्थक

Definition of word nugatory

  • Trivial, trifling or of little importance. (adjective)
  • Ineffective, invalid or futile. (adjective)
  • Having no force, inoperative, ineffectual. (adjective)
  • Removable from a computer program with safety, but harmless if retained. (adjective)

Examples of word nugatory

  • As TV and the Internet converge into something generically known as broadband, the distinctions between the two will soon become nugatory from a consumer point of view.
  • As soon as the lords were out of Henry's reach, the Scots Estates demanded modifications in the proposed treaty which would have made it nugatory from the English point of view.
  • Yesterday's term was nugatory, which is defined as:
  • In my opinion, people who opine about the "merely aesthetic," who find aesthetic values "nugatory" unless they are subservient to a higher principle of judgment, manifestly disdain art except as an illustrative aid, a utilitarian convenience.
  • The "aesthetic canons of legitimacy and achievement," which Helen Vendler observes and attempts to advance, are "nugatory" unless they buttress these cultural pillars.


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