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What is the meaning of nul in Hindi?

Meaning of nul in Hindi is :

Definition of word nul

Examples of word nul

  • They are only going to treat you as an undesirable alien, stamp "nul" on your passport and heave you on to the first ship or plane pointing towards the North American continent.
  • When I tried to print nothing happened and I noticed that it was printing to "nul".
  • October 24th, 2009 at 11: 32 pm sa pu la merde il et nul
  • Baghdad has said they are nul and void because they need approval by the central government, while the Kurds say they are in line with the country's new constitution.
  • C'est parce que le travail que recherche le hobo est par essence mobile et saisonnier (travaux publics, moissons, etc.) qu'il adopte précisément ce mode de vie et nul autre.


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