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What is the meaning of nulled in Hindi?

Meaning of nulled in Hindi is :

Definition of word nulled

  • Simple past tense and past participle of null. (verb)
  • Turned so as to resemble nulled work. (adjective)

Examples of word nulled

    • Thrust vector control closes the acceleration and rate loops within the outer attitude loops to generate body axis attitude error rates, which eventually are nulled out by the main engines and SRBs.
    • If he had, they should be nulled and he should be fired.
    • You just now nulled everything you have said about religion by saying you were not religeous.
    • So, Victoria, what proof do you have that I did ANYTHING that warranted having my contract nulled and voided?
    • In a moment he had nulled them without alerting their malfunction alarms.


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