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What is the meaning of nullify in Hindi?

Meaning of nullify in Hindi is : रद्द करना

Definition of word nullify

  • to make legally invalid. (verb)
  • to prevent from happening (verb)

Examples of word nullify

    • Curb asks a judge to force McGraw to turn in new material for a fifth album, bar him from signing with another label and nullify a 2001 agreement that eliminated a sixth record from McGraw's contract.
    • At the tea parties, in the attempts by states including Virginia to "nullify" health care, and in parts of the originalism jurisprudence of conservatives on the Roberts Court, there is strong sense of nostalgia for the unamended Constitution and the ideas of our founding, even when those ideas have been repudiated by subsequent constitutional history and overruled or limited by constitutional Amendments.
    • But while such efforts serve as healthy political protest, federal laws that are constitutional are supreme under the 10th Amendment, and states can't "nullify" a Congressional action.
    • The Repeal Amendment should not be confused with the power to "nullify" unconstitutional laws possessed by federal courts.
    • Yet the distinction between this position, and the belief that states can "nullify" federal laws or even secede, seems unclear to many of the resolutions 'backers, as Perry's comments about secession demonstrated.


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