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What is the meaning of nulling in Hindi?

Meaning of nulling in Hindi is : लहरिया

Definition of word nulling

  • Present participle of null. (verb)

Examples of word nulling

  • Using a technique called nulling interferometry, they hope to be able to find the first Earth-like planet orbiting a star.
  • And Taking It AwayThe dazzling starlight collected by the separate telescopes can be made to cancel itself out through a process called "nulling," which reveals the far dimmer planets.
  • Ragland and his collaborators are continuing to collect data on young stars and will combine their infrared observations with new data from the Keck Interferometer's "nulling" mode, a technique which will block out the light from the central star in a young planetary system.
  • Most of my close friend/family are nulling their vote or abstinate.
  • And sure enough, the FF chewed through the snowy hairpins and esses like some six-figure Subaru, with the computers furiously stuttering the brakes, vectoring the torque, nulling out rotation.


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