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What is the meaning of numeric in Hindi?

Meaning of numeric in Hindi is : संख्यावाचक

Definition of word numeric

  • Of, or relating to numbers, especially the characters 0 to 9. (adjective)
  • Any number, proper or improper fraction, or incommensurable ratio. (noun)

Examples of word numeric

    • I AM NUMBER FOUR focuses on the fate of nine gifted children and their guardians, the sole survivors of a bitter war on their home planet called Lorien, who have settled on Earth under the protection of a charm that means their enemies can only kill them in numeric order.
    • State accountants and secretaries wielding various combinations of and competencies in numeric and written-word literacies were charged with ensuring the flow of silver to the mint in the state workshops.
    • This is a great system and/or argument for wine nerds who might actually talk about a wine's residual sugar, acidity, etc. in numeric terms, but in a consumer-driven industry that has a great deal of subjective loyalties, analysis, and opinions, I really don't see how this system could be implemented.
    • Since we've determined Sports is mainly regulated by numbers and the human ability to achieve certain numeric milestones or limits, we realize these numbers don't make great visual content.
    • What is interesting is that this recent bout of cold weather across North America was totally unforecasted – even 15 days out; niether medium range forecast models nor the short term numeric models came close to forecasting this event outside of 2 weeks.


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