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What is the meaning of numerical in Hindi?

Meaning of numerical in Hindi is : स‌ंख्यावाचक

Definition of word numerical

  • of or pertaining to numbers (adjective)

Examples of word numerical

  • * Insert bugs into the computer programs of the European weather prediction model while accelerating advances in numerical weather prediction at NOAA, leaving no question that NOAA's GFS model is the new and permanent leader in global weather forecast models.
  • He expects to draw with it, type in numerical data and be able to plug it into a projector to show at meetings.
  • Even in numerical computer simulations and wind-tunnel testing, the presence of turbulence in a viscous fluid, and the scale-dependent nature of turbulence, entail that such representations of the real-world can be misleading.
  • A survey by the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press, released Monday, showed in numerical terms why Obama has had so much trouble passing health care reform.
  • Constants, even something as ‘obvious’ as the Stefan-Boltzmann constant, were something I got introduced to as problems in numerical analysis quite a few years ago.


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