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What is the meaning of nutritious in Hindi?

Meaning of nutritious in Hindi is : पौष्टिक

Definition of word nutritious

  • Providing nutrients; healthy to eat. (adjective)

Examples of word nutritious

  • The peanut residue, which remains quite nutritious, is pressed into cakes and fed to cattle (who also live in the heart of town with their owners).
  • •Find comfort in nutritious versions of your favorite foods.
  • The acronym stands for Women, Infants and Children; it is a governmentally funded voucher program with which low income mothers can obtain nutritious food for themselves (particularly if they are nursing mothers), their babies and toddlers.
  • Defending the use of the word nutritious'', Coca-Cola said the product contained
  • The food and beverage giant last year indicated it would stick to collaborative deals and alliances to reach its goal of nearly tripling annual sales of so-called nutritious and functional foods.


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