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What is the meaning of oa in Hindi?

Meaning of oa in Hindi is :

Definition of word oa

Examples of word oa

  • From the expression oa the girl's face, Ali couldn't tell if she liked the Flashdance tape or not.
  • Raistlin was copying down carefully the letter o with the phonetic pronunciation "oa" next to it when suddenly his stool shot out from underneath him.
  • Now the people knew that Ank'oa'lagyilis had returned.
  • The digraph "oa" and "ay" may be taught with equal ease the first year.
  • i agree ... the introductory phrase, "For the thousands of traumatized victims of one of the worst natural calamities to hit the eastern coast of South America" in B seems to be modifying relief which obviously doesnt make much sense thks guys the oa is A. Re: GMAT Sentence Correction DiscussionsRe: GMAT Sentence Correction Discussions


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