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What is the meaning of obeisance in Hindi?

Meaning of obeisance in Hindi is : सम्मान

Definition of word obeisance

  • Demonstration of an obedient attitude, especially by bowing deeply. (noun)
  • An obedient attitude. (noun)

Examples of word obeisance

    • It was a knee-jerk design modification made in obeisance to the myth that Americans hate hatchbacks.
    • March 26th, 2010 at 1: 59 pm tombaker says: obeisance is freedom!
    • I bow in obeisance: They implemented the classic game Defender … in a favicon.
    • Consistent with your view that Congressmen pass laws in obeisance with their oath, I assume that those same Congressman did the same when passing broad Commerce Clause legislation.
    • And the feeling for those he loved survived them, and it is monstrous to represent its unspoken and controlled/[Page xxxiv]/expression in obeisance and gesture as a sign of "agonising remorse."


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