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What is the meaning of objection in Hindi?

Meaning of objection in Hindi is : शंका

Definition of word objection

  • The act of objecting. (noun)
  • A statement expressing opposition, or a reason or cause for expressing opposition (generally followed by the adposition to) (noun)
  • An official protest raised in a court of law during a legal trial over a violation of the rules of the court by the opposing party. (noun)

Examples of word objection

  • The main objection is the standard objections to death taxes.
  • I think the main objection is that there isn't any independent evidence for a designer.
  • My main objection is not for private suits against foreign governments (though I do feel that is a problem), but suing private US corporations for alleged complicity in human rights abuses, a form of corporate blackmail.
  • Turns out that the "pro" s main objection is as to the strength of the anthropogenic component, and moreso, on the appropriate political verdict (is there a "crisis") and any resultant political response.
  • "The construction stopped after objection from the Chinese side," it said, confirming for the first time that the People's Liberation Army had objected to the road construction activities.


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