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What is the meaning of oblig in Hindi?

Meaning of oblig in Hindi is :

Definition of word oblig

Examples of word oblig

  • Pletka: sorry perhaps unfair but fundamentally unsure reins of power will B retaken by the ppl. tell me, wht does victory look like? khoobehi: 2 many ppl to crackdown IMO. khamenei grtly weakened. future gov oblig 2 respect ppl. btw diff POV but enjoy yr column.
  • When it comes to abortion, he believes the mother's freedom of choice is mitigated by an oblig ...
  • Ai hadded to miss teh partee becuz uv reel lief oblig…ollie…reel life stuff ai had to do, but ai hoep yoor day is teh happytailest yet, an dat yoo has menny moar!
  • My lord is a little officious in his oblig-ingness; which takes off from that graceful, that polite frankness, which so charmingly, on all occa-sions, distinguishes one happy man, who was then present.
  • I wish him to be complai-sant to Mr. Greville; but need he be so very oblig — ing?


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