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What is the meaning of oblige in Hindi?

Meaning of oblige in Hindi is : सहायता देना

Definition of word oblige

  • To constrain someone by force or by social, moral or legal means. (verb)
  • To do someone a service or favour (hence, originally, creating an obligation). (verb)
  • To be indebted to someone. (verb)
  • To do a service or favour. (verb)

Examples of word oblige

  • Perhaps, then, there are times when noblesse oblige is a better principle than mere populism and compromise.
  • The expression "noblesse oblige" is difficult to define but its implications are precise and clear.
  • He sort of asks these spirits in the house for help and they oblige, which is pretty sweet laughs.
  • -- That he would not suffer a soldier to handle an axe, but by fire and sword oblige the inhabitants to do it. ...
  • I was more than happy to oblige, which is how my name got on the vow renewal certificate for Justin and Amber Myers of


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